Save Nisrin!

Wer kennt sie nicht, die unzähligen Emails, die immer wieder in unseren Email Accounts landen?

In denen traurige Geschichten erkrankter Menschen, mit der Bitte um Hilfe ins digitale Haus flattern. Viele sind ein Fake oder zweifelhafter Herkunft. Doch hier möchte ich euch wirklich bitten, lest es euch durch. Und wenn ihr etwas für Nisrin tun könnt, tut es !

Spenden, Verlinkungen, berichtet anderen Menschen davon, alles hilft.

My name is Nisrin, I am 27 years old and from Syria.
Around three years ago, I was diagnosed with PNH (Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria) ]- a rare and life threatening disease which destroys the blood cells and impairs the bone marrow function. The chance of getting this disease is one in a million.
As I was born to a Syrian father and Jordanian mother (both of whom passed away several years ago) the laws around Jordanian citizenship and having a Syrian father do not qualify me to receive free government healthcare in Jordan for my illness.

Due to the absence of proper treatment, the complications of my illness have increased in severity and I am now in urgent need for a medication called ‘Eculizumab’, which is one of the most expensive medications in the world and the only one that can prepare me for receiving a bone marrow transplant – the only cure of this illness.
As a Syrian living in Jordan, I have worked to help fellow Syrians and those in dire need. I spent time volunteering at the Za’atari Refugee Camp during the early days of the civil war, working with refugees who faced unimaginable horrors. My work at the camp focused on empowering young girls to say “NO” to child marriage and to increase refugees’ awareness about reproductive health. I now work for a NGO called ActionAid, again with vulnerable refugee women; many of whom are like me, who lost close family and are facing life independent of a husband or parents.
At an early age, I became aware that life does not plant hurdles and pitfalls in our way to make our lives harder, but rather it presents us with different challenges to make us stronger and more capable.

My challenge now, is to survive, and this is where I need your help.
I have lost the ability to perform daily activities, even carry out the simplest of daily basic tasks. My illness has reached a critical point. About a year ago, I suffered from a hepatic infarction causing an infiltration of fluids in my abdominal cavity – my stomach area has now swollen to the size of a heavily pregnant woman.

Without immediate medical attention, I am at risk of developing Aplastic Anemia as a result of the total failure of my bone marrow functions. Aplastic Anemia will leave me at a higher risk of infections and will cause uncontrolled bleeding. Time is running out …

It is a matter of life or death, your donations will make a difference
Your donations will help me acquire the needed medication and reigniting the spark inside me so that I can continue to help women and refugees, who have fled war and horror. Moreover, your donation will help me live, the greatest gift we have.
I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratefulness to your role in helping me fighting this battle with PNH.

I believe that whatever you put out in the universe it will come back to your pure hearts.